Removals in Navarre

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Looking to move within the region of Navarre?

Navarre is located in the northern region of Spain, neighboring the beautiful Pyrenees mountains. This region is best known for the running of the bulls in its capital, Pamplona. Navarre is also famous for its long history and beautiful landscapes. This area of Spain is influenced by the Atlantic ocean, making the region typically cooler than other southern territories in Spain. Temperatures typically average at around 25 degrees from June through to september.

Family-Run Removals

Ambrose Logistics can offer a full removal service that extends throughout Navarre.

Our removal team as well as our drivers are friendly and professional, that have years of experience working and transiting Spain.

As a smaller business, we can offer that personal touch that most larger companies can not commit to.

Having lived in Spain, we know what it takes to ensure we provide a favourable move for each and every one of our customers.

Our Services

Our removal service in this smaller region of Spain spans throughout cities such as: Pamplona, Estella, Tudela, and any other smaller surrounding areas. 


-We have weekly runs from all over Spain to the UK. 


-Your goods will be fully secure and professionally packed onto our 40-foot artic (Boxed Trailer)


-Optional porter assistance at both ends.

-Optional wrap and pack service.

-Storage Facilities throughout the UK and Spain.

-Full Insurance for your goods is included in the price.

If you have any questions or queries regarding our service or if you just want a quote for your move, please contact us at or call us on 01487 842165.

Alternately, you can fill out our free contact form below!

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