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What a busy couple of weeks it has been.

2 vehicles shipped out last week with full trailers on behalf of Wiseguys Removals

The first one double manned back with a reload and is empty in Leicester already. 2 flat tyres in France didn't help, but we got the job done.

Reloads start tomorrow to bounce back out to Spain early next week.

Second one due to deliver UK tomorrow with another full load.

Truck number 3 arrived in Santander today and cleared customs, with deliveries on for Malaga, Almeria, Murcia and Alicante. Reloads scheduled for Monday.

We have just hit our 40th import/ export since brexit and we are scheduled to hit 50 before the end of June

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What a beautiful location we delivered to in Huelva yesterday. Rolling hills and views of Portugal.

This client had over 220 Acres with wild boar and deer roaming the land. 4 miles off the beaten track. When we say track, thats being generous!

70 cubic meters of furniture.

Big thanks to Cromwell removals for the collaboration on this job.

And a massive thanks to the driver for having the bottle to navigate the long and winding dirt track to the top of the mountain.

Great effort by all. #teamwork

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A full trailer loaded up in France with Wiseguys Removals now heading down to Spain. #teamwork

The red beast landed in Santander this afternoon and thankfully had zero issues with customs. With another big portion of the trailer for Wiseguys. Should be empty tomorrow and ready to bounce back to the UK.

Our third trailer, which got delayed in Bilbao this weekend, is making up great time and just delivered in to La Torre Golf Resort

One more day for him and he's ready for his reload.