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A busy end to the month

Updated: Apr 13

I'd be lying if I said this week hadn't been stressful. We've had 3 packed trailers between UK - Spain.

One of the trailers breaking down meant a mega tranship on Monday. 80 cubic meters out of one trailer in to another. It was grueling and disheartening, but we got it done and the driver still made the deadlines and was on the boat Tuesday morning. He is now empty in Spain ready to reload.

Weather disrupted our second vehicle shipping out of Plymouth on Wednesday. This is the second week in a row this driver had delays due to bad weather. We call him Rain man, for different reasons, but I think he's taking the nick name the wrong way He's caught up now and will be empty in Spain tomorrow.

Our third international trailer of the week is now empty in the UK, after arriving back yesterday.

Time to wash the truck, safety inspection and load up again over the weekend ready to ship straight back out to Spain.

A big portion of the jobs this week were for trade partners. Big thanks to all involved for making a week with plenty of roadblocks get completed.

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