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Cracked the System

What an eventful 12 months it has been!

Ambrose Logistics would like to start by wishing all of our customers and regular clients, new and old, a very Happy New Year!

We have worked very hard over the last couple of months ( this week more than ever ) to ensure our company can continue to operate and transport goods back and forth, from the UK to Europe.

Everyone has learnt a lot. Slept a little and learnt some more.

There are customs agents, customs cleance, paperwork, numbers, numbers, numbers.

Proud to say, we now have our SECOND vehicle carrying 85 cubic meters of goods sailing across the English Channel. Paperwork in order and ready for deliveries in the UK this week.

With another 280 cubic meters booked in already this month, we anticipate another incredibly busy year!

We can confidently say, your goods will be in safe hands with us. Our helpful, friendly team will ensure all paperwork is completed correctly and keep it as stress free and simple as possible. Leave the headaches to us!

Most importantly, we will continue to keep our prices down as much as possible and remain your cost effective, professional, transport and removals option for any movements in Europe.

Here's to a good year

UK, see you in a few hours!

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