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Updated: Apr 13

What a fantastic Fortnight it has been!

Trailer 94 of the year has landed!

After a delay in Santander 2 weeks ago, the team managed to catch up on time and complete the perfect run.

Our driver got back on UK soil last Thursday.

We have since travelled- Newhaven - Brighton- Bournmouth - Cambridge - Hartlepool - Dundee - Edinburgh - Kilmarnock - Leicester - Cambridge - Portsmouth - Santander.

With deliveries due tomorrow in the Murcia region which will empty the trailer, this will be

235 cubic meters handled and thousands of miles traveled. All within 7 days! I don't think we'll see a faultless run like this for a while.

Big thanks to the driver, porters, customers and trade partners for all playing ball and making this work.

The rest of the EU team are also busy in Europe after handling a mammoth trade job out of Germany to Spain. Both now reloaded heading back to the UK where collections are waiting.

3x HGVs now back and forth weekly UK- Spain, with 7 more on UK work, no job is too big or small.

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