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What a Year!

Updated: Apr 13

As we start to settle down for Christmas, we would like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas.

This year began with a challenging start. We were prepared for Brexit, but the challenge to grip the new system was far from easy. Our first trips started on 2nd of January and only got busier from there.

We have ended the year with 122 trailers between the UK and Spain. Just shy of 10,000 cubic meters

Our team handled everything extremely well and the knowledge and skills we learnt as a group are second to none.

A special thank you to our drivers, both EU and UK only. Our business is nothing without you guys. You are appreciated more than you know and your dedication, drive and passion for Ambrose Logistics is truly heartwarming.

Clients, customers, trade partners and our select VIP/ Celebrity clients this year. Big thanks to you all for your trust and confidence in our company. Again, we couldn't do this without you and our volume of trailers this year is thanks to the links and relationships we have gained from our trade partners.

Once again, Happy Christmas to all. We hope you all have an amazing day.

2022 - Bring it on!

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